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Sea Stories for the 21st Century

“I’m teaching people how to love the ocean.”

Zach Rollins ’19 hosts a podcast called Along the Keel. A URI marine affairs grad and licensed boat captain, he’s discovered a calling in teaching people to love the ocean. Writer Hugh Markey caught up with him to chat about finding his niche as a podcaster.


Rhode Island Podcast Reels in Listeners with Nautical Theme

Captain Zach Rollins of North Kingstown profiles waterside professionals in his new podcast “Beyond the Buoy”

Like many young men with a gregarious personality, Zach Rollins decided to start a podcast. But “Captain Zach,” as he’s known, didn’t want to talk about movies or true crime. He wanted to talk about the “blue economy” – people who make a living by the water...

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Lindsay learns the ropes of boating safety
Capt. Zachariah Rollins takes Lindsay on Narragansett Bay for a lesson in boating safety.

Tune into NBC 10 where I took Rhode Islands Lindsey Idaluca out for a boating lesson. 

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Gain Confidence and Just Go Boating This Summer!

Summer’s around the corner, and what better way to spend some time this season than on the water? Whether you’re a seasoned mariner or you’ve never set foot on board a boat before, Confident Captain and Just Go Boating are here to help you get further behind the helm than you ever thought possible!

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Raise the Anchor: A training program for commercial skippers extends its reach to recreational boaters

“One overarching mistake,” says Captain Zach Rollins, “is that people think they know what they’re doing. They assume the weather will stay the same. They assume the boat ahead of them will turn. They think, ‘I’m in the open sea, rules don’t apply to me.’ Most fatal events result from that overconfidence.”

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Teaching Others How to Drive a Boat!

I recieved attention from the local Rhode Island TV station WPRI for my work on the Just Go Boating brand. Teaching and helping recreational boaters has become a passion of mine, hence the creation of Ocean Training Systems. 

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