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zach-ah-ri-ah roll-ins

[zak-uh-rahy-uh] {r-AH-l-ih-n z} /Verb
1. Learning and growing through adversity 
2. Always looking for a new challenge

Growing up, I have always had a strong desire to be by the ocean. Born in Laguna Beach, California, it wasn’t long before I learned how to swim and began to appreciate the sea. It wasn’t until I moved to Rhode Island, where

I grew up, that I began to explore and appreciate the ocean and all of its glory. As a kid I made a deal with my parents that if I swam across estuary in our backyard that I would be able to take our families twelve foot zodiac rigged with a 9.9 hp outboard. Long story short, I mustered the courage to do so and I was off exploring the harbor and coastal coves of southern Rhode Island. A dinghy turned into a 1992 V-20 Steplift and I continued to explore Narragansett Bay and the Rhode Island coast. 


Fishing, quahogging, and exploring consumed my summers so much so that I

decided to take a job at Safe Sea, a local towing company, washing and maintaining vessels and vehicles. At thirteen I began what would become a career in the marine industry. I eventually moved on to manage a local marina and work for a marine service startup, that now services most of southern Rhode Island. 

I have always had an entrepreneurial and with that have been fortunate enough to be apart of projects and companies that have allowed me to pursue my passion. At a young age I would spend Saturdays behind a lemonade stand or cutting lawns. My first go at a business was a Cricket breeding and delivery company for people who had reptiles around the neighborhood, it wasn’t a money maker but it certainly laid the foundation for what was to come. I was always looking to learn and usually had some sort of passion project on the side of my regular job. Sometimes I would help grow my friends barrel aged coffee company, Cooper's Cask Coffee, or take a stab at creating an aquaculture business, specializing in Kelp and Oyster aquaculture. Whatever it was, I constantly drove myself to grow and think creatively, work with a team, and constantly innovate. 


After working in the marine service industry for about four years I decided to pursue my captains license. While attending a full school schedule, working, and competing; I studied and recieved my captain's license in the spring of 2017. I was hired on immediately be Confident Captain, and later became the lead captain, where I focused on growing the recreational boater brand, teaching other captains, creating operational procedures and managing the fleet. I was also hired on by the Providence River Boat Company where I acted as a captain for their Waterfire tours and charters on a 30’ inspected Carolina skiff; one of the only inspected vessels operating on the Providence River. 


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